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If you’d like to have your doctor’s personal attention, extended time for appointments, and other health care benefits for one set fee, concierge medicine is an option you should consider. At HealthCare Partners Family Medicine, Nelson Kraucak, MD, FAAP, and Gretta Ellis, ARNP, offer three concierge packages. You can choose the one that fits your needs and pay only for those services. If you have questions about concierge medicine, call the office in The Villages, Florida, or schedule an appointment online.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine refers to a way of providing medical care that ensures you receive individualized care and Dr. Kraucak’s personal attention. 

The way it works is simple. You pay one fee to join the concierge package that fits your needs and in return, you’re guaranteed a specific set of services. 

With concierge medicine, you receive a higher level of care than what’s typically available from medical practices that schedule short appointments in order to see as many patients as possible.

What benefits do I gain from concierge medicine?

While individualized care is at the top of the list, Dr. Kraucak offers concierge medicine because he cares about providing other benefits, such as:

  • Building long-term relationships with patients
  • Providing same day or next day appointments
  • Direct personal number to Dr. Kraucak’s cell phone
  • House calls
  • Accompanies you to visits with consultants
  • Access to prescriptions at nonoffice hours
  • Collaborating with patients to develop health goals
  • Focusing on the whole person
  • Creating lifestyle plans that promote wellness
  • Serving as your advocate and health system navigator

Dr. Kraucak and the team at HealthCare Partners Family Medicine also provide integrative care that’s focused on identifying and treating the true source of your symptoms.

They consider every aspect of your life that contributes to your health, including emotional, mental, physical, and environmental factors, such as your diet and stress. 

While this approach takes time, it’s the only way to ensure you receive comprehensive treatment that solves the problem rather than treating a symptom.

What services do you provide through concierge medicine?

Dr. Kraucak offers three different plans, the bronze package (minimal services), silver package (medium level of services), and the gold package, which offers full services. 

The cost of each package includes a specific list of services, number of office visits, and other options, such as enhanced access to Dr. Kraucak. 

You can learn the specifics of each package by calling the office. As a general guideline, however, the basic services that are available at HealthCare Partners Family Medicine are also provided through concierge care.

You also have the option of adding on services as needed or of changing your concierge plan so that your options are better aligned with your health care needs. 

To learn more about concierge medicine, call HealthCare Partners Family Medicine or schedule an appointment online.